Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Are You Feeling All Tied Up? (She asks with a magickal smile.)

I can't even begin to tell you how many emails I receive from panicked people telling me that they think someone has practiced some sort of dark magick on them, or someone is trying to control them magickally, or someone is sending them negative energy, or someone is working bad mojo on them...all of these are basically the same thing, just stated in different ways, from a variety of people around the country (and around the world), who are sure that their string of bad luck, or lack of energy and enthusiasm, has GOT to be due to magick and a wicked magician.

Well, 99% of the time, I hate to tell you, but your run of bad luck is just that.  The universe is behaving like some big old bird flying above you and taking a crap.  But then again, there is that tiny little 1% of the time, when magick in the form of bindings, hexing, cursing, etc. is actually being used to direct negative magick towards someone in order to control them or make their life difficult.  You should know that You control your life, your body, your space; and that when someone attempts to take over any of these three things, you have the ability and the power to stop them, the power to reclaim what is yours.  You are the captain at the helm of your ship, and once you realize that You are in charge, you will feel empowered, and this type of positive energy (and self-confidence) will make it very difficult for anyone to ever wield negative magick against you.

Let's start with the control aspect.  This video is going to address what you can do to take back the reins if someone has done a binding on you.

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This spell is exactly what you need if you feel that someone is working negative magick on you, particularly with the desire to control you.  This spell is all about undoing someone else's binding spell.
The Spell ~
“Tit for tat,
This for that;
I undo the ties that bind.
Unwind, unwind, unwind;
Three times three,
Set me free.
Tit for tat,
This for that.”

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