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Friday, March 4, 2016

Can You Have Too Many Facebook Pages?

Can you?  Well, maybe, especially considering that if you have a lot of FB pages, not a lot of people are going to see them anyway if you don't PAY for Promotion of these pages.  I am one of those people who has too many Facebook pages, and I can tell you that when things "changed up" on FB a few years ago, it was like your FB space went into lockdown. 

My opinion:  It's only by a fluke and a fancy that anyone is going to stumble across you on FB if you don't pay for promotion of your pages.  Those pages are going to sit like a dead horse in the water.  And even your personal page is affected in the same way.  I have a pretty solid following on FB, but many people have told me that they hardly ever see me in their FB feed (I don't know if some of these people have their notifications permissions tightened up, but I'm assuming that because they were dismayed at not seeing me, they were expecting to.)  Sometimes, numbers aside, I feel like a marble in an empty bureau drawer.

And finally, the point of this blog post (yes, there is one). Here's a link to my Facebook Pages (all of them).

PERSONAL PAGE, my settings are wide open, even if you're not on my friends list, you should still be able to see everything, to post comments, and to message me.  Unless you were an asshole, then you are blocked and will see nothing. (She says with a friendly smile.)


, this is set up to promote my website "The Witch's Corner", mostly.  It's also a fun spot to get really witchy once in a while and not upset those who may not be of such a witchy bent on my personal FB page, but mostly The Witch's Corner/FB is in honor of my website. It's also filled with posts on pagan topics, lots of info.


AMYTHYST RAINE, AUTHOR, this was set up in order to promote my books, to keep readers up-to-date on the progress of new books, where they could order, when something would be coming out, when there were sales on books, and that kind of thing.  I soon realized that I didn't have enough "stuff" to post when limiting myself so severely, so this soon turned into a spot to post a link to anything I was writing, including my Blogs, and lots of other inspiration and Writing Stuff.


Then came my books, and I noticed that there were authors who created A PAGE FOR EACH ONE OF THEIR BOOKS.  At the time, I thought this was a good idea.  But when you actually have a page like this, you discover that FB keeps sending you reminders to "check up on it", or to "post something", so of course, you have to start posting posts that involve lots of stuff, not just the books themselves.  

Anything to do with tarot gets posted on the tarot books; anything inspirational or of interest to women gets posted on The Spiritual Feminist; and of course all the witchy stuff gets shot right to the witchy books... and then again, stuff just gets posted to all of the book pages so they aren't stagnant.

These pages are alive and well, if staggering through the crowd crazy, elbow jabbing, internet world.





*NOTE... I've set this page up twice, and I'm going to try it again.  It comes up weird and funky, with everything oversized and not like the other pages.  But here is the link:

AMYTHYST RAINE (JUST MUM)/FB PAGE, this is actually a very private page that I set up for my kids, the girls, so we could get all personal and feel like we had "Our Own Little Space" on this great big social site.  However, my girls are just as open as I am, and we slam all kinds of things all over each other's public FB pages without giving it a single thought, so this page sits rather neglected and full of cobwebs.  And to be added to this page, you would have to be birthed from my loins, or you would have to be my amazing fiancé, Bob, but don't worry about it, you're not missing anything.


THE RED LIPSTICK SOCIETY/FB PAGE, this page was set up Just For Fun.  It's for anyone who wears red lipstick (sex or genders not important), or who loves red lipstick, or who loves photos and images of other people wearing red lipstick (lots of vintage photos here).  When I set this page up, I expected people to peruse it as they desired. I did not expect to have to keep up the page, check on it, or schedule myself to make regular posts.  It is what it is.


So, this is the extent of my FACEBOOK PAGES, and going back to the original question:   "Can someone have too many Facebook pages?"...Yes.

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