Saturday, April 16, 2016

A Surprising Transformation, courtesy of My Kidz

I have (HAD) the ugliest bathroom in the world.  It was so ugly that when a production company that does "house makeovers" for a reality show was looking for an UGLY BATHROOM to transform, I almost sent in my application, almost.  It was so ugly, and such a lost cause, that I gave up and turned it over as a habitat for two of our mangey-no-one-would-want-them cats, who trashed it even further.

Last Sunday my daughter & son-in-law came to stay overnight.  Little did I know that there was a conspiracy afoot.  I left Monday morning at 8am for work.  I had no idea that robust activity took off the minute I left the house.  When I got home that afternoon, it was evident that something very big was afoot...buckets, cleaning Stuff, mops, paint pans, rollers and brushes were lined along the upstairs hallway.  The shower curtain rod and outdated cloth shower curtain were laying in a dejected pile on the living room floor.  Daughters were giggling, laughing, coming and going with mysterious shopping bags.  No doubt about it, they were up to something (Mum says with a smile).

This house was built in 1964, and I do believe that the floor and wall tiles in this bathroom are the original tiles installed when the house was built.  They're such an odd color, and I've never been able to come up with a color scheme or theme that didn't clash with them, and I couldn't and can't afford to replace them.  I think my kids found the answer, the colors, the tone, and the ambience to make this space work.  They made it beautiful, clean, calming, and relaxing.

It was another three hours or so before they finished, and they wouldn't let me peek until they were all done, and it was time for the Great Reveal.

The following photos are the final product (I've got some Pretty-Cool-Kids, huh.):










This hangs in the little corner cubby area above the stool,
which is in a recessed corner of the room.





  1. awe, that is so sweet of themall, and yes they did a great job..and with you in mind

  2. I'm so glad you stopped by (here & at FB), the girls were tickled to receive your praise and nod of approval-- they remember you well!!


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