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Tuesday, August 14, 2018

Video ~ Sneak Preview

I tape my newsletter videos early and get them uploaded at Youtube because they need to be in order for me to post them in my Witch's Corner Newsletter, which I'm working on early, as most editors do, usually I'm working about a month ahead.  September's issue is actually pretty much ready to go, and I'll be releasing it around August 26th.  But... the subscribers to my Youtube channel know exactly when I've uploaded a new video, so this newsletter video gets some early views, and that's what I'm giving my readers here at Every Cat.

The contents of this newsletter video includes the following:

Q&A ~ 

1. Can you break a binding spell? 
2. My roommate has a negative reaction to saging, can you explain this? 
3. Are there any bad effects to casting spells many times for one intention? 
4. How can I tell if I'm a witch? 
5. Am I too old to begin a journey into The Craft? 
6. Do you have any advice for witches in the closet? 
7. Are Sabbat dates different in different parts of the world?
8. Are spells done with the help of spirits; will it backfire; can spells be done without the help of spirits?
9. Are tarot card readings done with the help of spirits?
10. Are there any "anti-magick" materials out there, things that would reverse a spell?
11. Can an old evil eye (object) bring you bad luck? 
12. Can a schizophrenic be a witch?

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The Witch's Corner Newsletter ~

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