Saturday, May 30, 2015

Just Sayin'...

Observations ~ neither good, nor bad, just sayin'...

A lot of people (a lot) follow websites, social sites, blogs n' such without actually subscribing or joining a site.  (Lots)  Maybe some people just aren't the subscribing type; or maybe some  people like to visit a site but maintain a certain sense of anonymity.  And that's perfectly okay and understandable.  But it kind of makes you wonder why so many people don't make it easier on themselves and just sign up to be automatically notified when there's a post.  Take this blog for instance (Every Cat Has a Tale), there are only 26 official members, but the total number of visitors in this blog's short life (as I'm writing this) is 17,635.  That's a lot of visits.  I don't think 26 people could pull this off, even if they tried. 

My website, The Witch's Corner, now entering it's 8th year (where does time go) has a total of 669,428 visitors; visits today totaled 345; visitors this week totaled 2,413; total page views are 1,016,040;  page views today totaled 552; and page views for this week totaled 3,392.  I get weekly stats automatically emailed to me, and it boggles my mind.  I'm thrilled that people enjoy the site and that it's getting a lot of traffic, that was the whole point of creating the site.  But it still boggles my mind.

My Google Page has 3,118 followers (as I write this), but it has 220,029 views.  This is a lot of views, I'm not sure that the number of followers listed could create this many views.  I'm not sure exactly how long this has taken to build, I haven't kept track, but it's a surprisingly short time.  I have to wonder who all these people are, where they're from, and what prompts them to visit my page?  What are they looking for?

My Youtube Channel only has 479 subscribers, but it's had 36,111 views (as I write this). 

My Wordpress Blog, Magickal Connections only as 822 subscribers, but it's had 162,625 hits.

I know, this is an odd thing to be pondering on at midnight on a Friday night.  But there ya' go.  You always hear about internet stalkers and trolls, but really, if these people are just popping in at sites to read and look around, why are they given such awesome sounding threatening names?  Don't we all do this???

Just sayin'...

Another thing.  The amount of comments left at any of these places, in contrast to the number of visitors, is a really numerically "off" observation.  Hardly anyone ever comments anywhere, ever.  And I have to admit that I find it puzzling.  At Facebook, some woman with 27 people on her friends list can complain because her 5 year-old wet her pants and this woman suddenly has over 200 comments about this awesome occurrence. 

On the other hand, I share with the world a video clip on a FB post taken during production, when my family and I were privileged enough to work with a prestigious and acclaimed production company to film a docu-series for a national television network, and it gets 4 comments.  The heck with the fact that it's not going to air (circumstances totally beyond our control)-- it was a REALLY cool experience. It was an experience so amazing and over the top that it reminds me of speeches I've heard at the Academy Awards, "It was an honor just to be nominated.".  That's how I feel.  It was an honor just to be chosen.  It was an honor to have the opportunity to work with remarkable people in an incredible industry. How many people do you know who get to do this??? 


Okay, so the original FB post first revealing our secret received 23 comments, but still, when put in perspective-- the slap-happy originality, uniqueness, and fun of it all-- I guess I was expecting the entire world to be all skippity-pippity and just as excited about it as we were.

Just sayin'...

I'm coming to believe it's true. 

The world is full of Trolls.

Just sayin'...

I'm tired.  At 2am tonight I have to drive 26 miles (round trip) to pick my hubby up at work.  I'm tired, and I'm discouraged.  I spend a ridiculous amount of time plugging my books, plugging tarot readings, videos, radio appearances, tweaking my website, writing blogs, my nose pressed to the computer screen-- posting, posting, posting, posting, etc. etc. etc.

I feel like I'm beating my head against a stone wall.

I am exhausted.

And I'm really beginning to wonder if it's worth it.

Just sayin'...


  1. It's perfectly ok to rant.....but please don't resign.....<3 And, I love the troll dolls.....have been searching far and wide for one with white hair. ;-)

    1. lol!....Thank you, Lady M. I have to say that I felt much better after this rant. I've decided that I need to take weekends off :)

  2. I am one of those guilty of not commenting as often as I probably should. It usually falls under the category of not having something to say, so I don't say anything. On that note I have taken the time to subscribe so I will have more reading material in my email.

  3. Thank you for subscribing, William!! I probably shouldn't rant (I'm really very blessed)...I tell people that I don't expect them to follow, click on, or "Like" everything I do; it's just nice to give authors, artist, musicians (anybody involved in the arts or literature) an occasional thumbs up, so we know we're doing a good job and making people happy! :)