Thursday, January 21, 2016

Mid-January Zodiac Tarot Readings

You don't know how much satisfaction I got just out of getting these reading done At All this month.  Everyone in our house is sick, and seem to be passing the same cold and general blah malady back and forth between ourselves.  The readings done for this mid-month update were filmed over a period of days, some with more enthusiasm than others, and in a different location in my house, admittedly, the last group while I was perched on pillows in bed!

I had really debated about doing this month's mid-month readings at all, but I was determined, and I didn't want to let down the people who I knew were waiting for them.

Leo ~ after this brief reading for you, more ideas came to me in a much larger frame of possibilities than what I mentioned in this video.  Just know that there are many ways people can be predators, and there's many things that can be lost and mourned as a result.

These readings were interesting and sometimes unusual, to say the least:

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