Friday, April 22, 2016

Talking Tarot ~ Creating An Audio Reading (video) + Chit-Chat
(Don’t miss the “outtakes” at the end of this video.  This is going to be a pretty regular feature on my videos from now on.)  During this video, I talk about what an audio reading is, about how far out my bookings run, about ordering from my site, about tarot readings  (and tarot clients) in general, and I actually produce an audio reading while we have the camera up and rolling.  Also, my loyal companions, Jackson and Charlie, are close by.
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Hello, Peoples!
I know, this is another post that is not a mundane topic at this supposed-to-be mundane blog; but I just have such an awful time trying to separate the mundane ordinary me from the witchy tarot reading me.
Also, I 'm really up against a wall here.  I'm running out of mundane topics, my poor post-menopausal brain is going dry.  I've run the gamut of top 10 facts you didn't know about me, to all five mothers-in-law.  I need to know what YOU want to know.  If you have any ideas for interesting blog posts, mundane things from my mundane life that you'd like to read about, or a particular question you'd like me to answer...Let Me Know!!
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