Monday, March 3, 2014

When is Enough Too Much

Dealing with the public can be a strange experience. I've had unique and magical experiences, puzzling experiences, shocking experiences, and a few unpleasant experiences-- but very few have been unpleasant, I have to say.  My most unusual, I like to tell people, is the one from the transsexual who wanted to know if I had a magick spell that would allow him to go back and forth between female and male genitalia.  I've had people call me at 2am with a question about my website, and I've had people call me expecting a free and instantaneous tarot reading-- as I'm driving down an Omaha freeway.

I love receiving emails and feedback from people.  I wish I could answer every single message that comes in, and I'm sure that anyone sending me an email would certainly expect an answer.  However, because of the bulk of emails I receive, about 200 a day, this is not possible.  And actually, I have very little time to dabble with correspondence unless it's something financial, business related (from an editor, producer, etc.),  or something from a client that would require my immediate attention in some way.  Other than this, I might scroll through and catch some of the Subject Lines, but that's about all I can do.

Once in a while, just once in a while mind you, something does catch my eye and I'll type off a quick reply.  Usually I'll receive a quick 'touch back', a quick 'thank you' in return.  It makes me feel good. I've reached out to someone and they've reached back, and this is as far as it goes. 


Until this past week.  This is what transpired to bring me to the question that is the title of this post, "When is enough too much?"  I've changed the name of the individual who sent me these messages to protect her privacy, bearing in mind that there might be a slight chance that she actually doesn't realize she's being rude.  We'll call her "Melissa".  All of her correspondence will be left completely unedited except for the name change in the first sentence...


hi, my name is melissa

Im just starting to get into all of this and I found your website ( great website by the way

which comes my dilemma, i tried to google for my answer but every website seems to say something completely opposite the information on your website. And the other information that comes up in my google searches doesn't seem like reliable sources. getting bad vibes from them.

Im trying to do a lo shu grid in my home and place the corresponding stones in their positions, but i don't have all the stones, im wondering if you can give me some sources or maybe your know yourself if there is other stones i can use besides what you have listed

my problem areas that i need stones for are the career section & the family section, im wondering in the career section can i use obsidian or azurite instead of (black onyx, blue tiger eye, lapis)

AND in the family section can i use azurite instead of (aventurine, chrysoprase, malachite)

if these aren't adequate substitutions do you have any recommendations for other stones that will also work in these areas?

My Response:

An excellent source for information on substitutions (whether for stones or herbs) are books by Scott Cunningham:  his "Encyclopedia of Magickal Herbs; and his book "Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magick".  You can find these books at Amazon.
Your choices sound excellent to me-- and don't be afraid to go with the feeling you personally get from the energy.  You know what your family needs in the way of energy, healing, and rejuvenation better than anyone else would.


so it doesn't matter what i put in the lo shu grid? How did you come to the conclusion of what stones go where in the information provided in your website? Is there really no rhyme or reason? just what i feel I should put there? Is that why every website and information source has completely different stones in their lo shu grid?

My Response:

You apparently have not read all the information.  Scroll down from the lo shu grids for northern/southern hemisphere and you'll find specific stones for specific intentions, and you'll also find a list of stones connected to the elements:

Why do I associate the stones that I do with various intentions, locations, etc.?-- because this is how I was taught.


well i did read all the information, i just dont have all of the stones you have specified so i am wondering about substitution stones. im sorry obviously you are irritated by me. I was just wanting to talk to you because you seemed knowledgable and friendly. im sorry to have bothered you. ill just have to find my answer another way. hope what ever is stressing you out subsides.


Okay, let's get a few things straight...

1)  I do retain a pretty good amount of occult information in my head, but I am not a walking encyclopedia.  In order for me to decide what stones would be appropriate substitutions for you, I would have to consult some books, do some research, and actually put time and effort into the endeavor.  Do you have any idea how many such requests I get for this type of thing each week?  Lots.

2)  On the link to my website, I believe you'll find quite a listing of stones to begin with, from there, it's up to you to do your own research.  I gave you the title of a book (Scott Cunningham's book) which would be an excellent place for you to start, and an excellent book to add to your personal library if you're going to start working with crystals and stones.  In a lot of books on this topic, you can actually look up stones by "Intentions", and you will find lists of stones for unique individual purposes, i.e. love, money, protection, health, etc.

3)  I would love to be independently wealthy and to have nothing better to do than work 24/7 on research and foot-work to help other people put together spells, etc.  However, this is not the case.  My time is valuable to me.  If you want me to spend time researching your situation, lining up correspondences, pouring over books, putting your spells together, and everything else that goes along with this-- you will have to pay me for my time.  That's why I developed the page at my website called "Spell Consultations"...

4)  "Melissa" broke the cardinal rule...she was rude.  "Melissa" does not realize how lucky she was just to get her email answered the first time.  And yes, Melissa, you are right about one thing-- you are irritating.  Buy a book, read, learn.  It's okay to ask questions, most definitely, but it's not okay to be rude; and eventually, if you're really serious about getting into this, you'll have to make some decisions on your own. 

You want substitutions for your stones?-- I told you that your suggestions sounded excellent.  I gave you the title of a book and where to purchase it so that you could find more answers.  And that's all I can do for you.


  1. Replies
    1. That is ridiculous! You handled it with finesse my dear :)

  2. Yes, she WAS rude! And you are right. I get things like this too. Not nearly as many as you do, good heavens! I've spent many days writing people back long explanations, only to be asked for more. Do they expect someone to do the practicing of their craft for them? Nothing wrong with asking a question but I finally remembered that I had to read and read and learn all on my own. So, I don't feel obligated anymore to spend much time on them.

  3. Thank you, Ladies! Exactly, MsJulie!-- it can go on and on and on and on. Some people are never satisfied with your answer, and their questions will be never-ending.


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