Monday, March 24, 2014

The Writer's Corner

I'm coming up on 50,000 words written in the manuscript to my next book.  I don't know where this will end, other than to estimate that I have approximately 45 short essays to write for 45 sections, and I have about a half dozen longer sections in a different area to create.  I'm thinking that this book may be around 70,0000-75,000 words when everything is said and done, and I still have lots to say on the topic, which remains my secret at this time.
My husband, bless his soul, got me a "Dragon" for Yule last December.  You're suppose to be able to 'talk' your words in, no more typing involved.  So far, I haven't been terrifically successful at this.  The directions say that it takes a lot of practice, and that you have to 'speak in' the punctuation, and that it might take Dragon a little while to get use to your speech pattern.  I've always thought that I was an articulate, fairly intelligent person, but after trying to use this tool, I'm not so sure. It doesn't seem to understand a word I say, except "scratch that", which deletes what you've dictated.  I was saying to someone the other day, that I would hate to think that English is my first language and I spoke it so badly I would need English subtitles (as does a popular reality tv family, who shall go unnamed here)...subtitles, really, so that you can understand their English.  .
I spent a good deal of time this morning being all artsy and creative making banners for the Facebook pages devoted to my books, and my 'author' page.  Please don't make me think I wasted all that time and creative energy for naught-- check out the pages and hit the "like" button:
I went all crazy making banners, and now I want to make banners for everything.  It's addictive, like Pinterest or Twitter. I made a banner for our private coven group, I made banners for my blogs, I've made banners just to make banners.  I'm telling ya', it's relaxing and therapeutic.
The biggest drawback I have to getting any real writing work done during the day are 1) emails-- they always take so long to sort through; 2) Facebook; 3) blogs-- like writing in here when I should be writing somewhere else *cough*; 4) Pinterest, Twitter, Tumblr, and my Google site.
There's just too much to look at and read out there; too many people to connect with; too many posts to write to keep everything fresh and interesting.  We don't want Stale!
The next couple months may find me busily trying to finish some work up, so if I'm not posting regularly, you'll know that I'm very busy, but I'm still here, still hangin' on, still doin' my Thang.
And that's enough from this Writer's Corner.

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