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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Happy New Year~ 2015 Resolutions

When I got up on this New Year's Eve day and let the dog out, I was greeted with a blast of air so frigid it's brittle.  This will be the first New Year's Eve in over 7 years that I have not done tarot readings at Ameristar Casino (in Council Bluffs IA); so this will be the first time in forever that I will be home on this night with my husband and kids.

I am relieved to say good-by to 2014.  It's been a hell of a rough year for the entire world.  "It's not just me", I think, as I read over the FB postings of friends, family, and fans.  There was something funky about 2014, and it's time to jump the bridge and leave all those weird vibes and energies behind.

I've said, for weeks now, that I strongly believe 2015 is going to be an amazing year of incredible opportunities and adventures; doors are going to open and new experiences are going to unfold!

So...looking to the future, what does everyone wish for 2015?  What kind of New Year's resolutions are we formulating? 

Here's a few suggestions to get you started:

Relationship Resolutions--

Be more understanding of my partner’s faults.
Have more/better sex.
Find happiness outside of my relationship.
Increase my gratitude for my partner.
Be a better listener.
Show more interest in my partner’s life, work and interests.
Institute a date night.

Health Resolutions--

Eat, but Don't Pig Out
Jump Outside the Box (Consider medicinal alternatives, like holistic methods)
Guard Against the Bone Thief (osteoporosis)
Move Center Stage (It's okay to put yourself first--take care of you!)

Financial Resolutions--

Know What You Want
Prioritize Your Debts
Open an IRA
Enroll in an Automatic Savings Plan
Close Unnecessary Accounts
Make Money Doing What You Love
Collect Your Change
Give Money (What you send out, comes back-- karma)
Begin Using Personal Finance Software
Read a Financial Book Each Month


There's lots more reading and in-depth information and dialogue on these resolutions at the following links...

Relationship Resolutions

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1 comment:

  1. Wishing you a most wonderful New Year's Eve and many blessings for 2015.. I have not made resolutions as much as intentions for the New Year:
    to declutter as much as I am able in 2015
    to get on that book-writing train and get on with it
    to truly see with eyes of wonder the abundance and let the flow keep coming
    to see more of the province I live in via trips (day trips or overnights)
    to help the Universe orchestrate my vision and dream of visiting some very special folks I've only met online...
    to realize the financial freedom and security that will make our daily life more settled
    these are but a few of the intentions I have for 2015