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Saturday, December 20, 2014


I belong to the Old-Married-Lady Club. In spite of this fact, which I very prominently display on all and every internet site that might include interaction with strangers, I will receive messages from men who have apparently not bothered to read one iota of information about me, including the fact that I am not single, and I'm not available-- just ask my husband.

Anyway, as an old-married-lady I feel I can give bachelors (young and not so young) a fair word of worldly advice about communicating with women.  One very strange phenomena that I've noticed on a world-wide global level among men is a penchant for sending one-word messages to Females Who Catch Their Eye.  And that message is:


That's it, just "Hey".  No "Hello, you look so lovely, I was wondering if I could have a moment of your time to discuss poetry; books; the state of modern romance and courting; favorite movies; hobbies and past times; journey's; bucket lists; animals; families; children...etc."

Nope, nothing like that.  Just:


There is also no attempt to uncover any details about the Object of their message; and they apparently are not going to take the time to actually Read any of the information about this individual; but you'd think that they'd want to get to know the woman that they're contacting. You would think they'd realize this is a multi-dimensional human being with lots of layers to them, not just a still image on a computer screen.  So you'd think these men would ask questions like:  "What's your favorite thing to do on a rainy day; have you ever rode a horse; toilet paper-- over or under; your favorite-- drink, book, movie, etc.; your opinion on [fill in the blank]; what do you think about the world at large; global warming; the price of rice in China?

Nope, nothing even remotely like that.  Just:

Guys...this ain't gonna' work, but...hey.

Edit:  Okay, all you bachelors out there, get your mental muscles revved up, watch a few notoriously emotional and romantic chick-flicks (for inspiration), and go find your True Love.  Another Very-Big-Piece-Of-Advice I'm going to give you is read the "about" section of your target's page!  Do not waste your time and energy on women who are "married", "just here for networking" or "friends".

Remember, if you can't take 2 minutes of your time to really look at a woman's profile, she isn't going to take 2 minutes of her time to respond to your message. 

 Good luck!

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