Thursday, March 12, 2020

A Mediumship Reading ~ A Message From the Other Side

Deck: Sacred Circle Tarot

  • 1 ~ the person who has passed on

Abandonment/8 of cups

This is someone who left your life and inner circle before they passed, either a spouse or romantic partner, a child, or a parent. Their disassociation with you during life may not have felt to them that they were leaving anything behind, or abandoning anyone, but to family members around them, and particularly to you, this may have been exactly how you felt about their departure from your life

  • 2 ~ their life, looking back

The Green Man (coincides with The Fool in a standard deck)

Lots of foolishness, a gay naivete that accompanied youth or puberty, the teen years. It included poor choices, a long journey (figuratively), as in getting back to a point in the road or a juncture of life that was abandoned for a while. Spunk, bravado, pride, aloofness, sometimes condescension comes to mind. Also, “ulterior motives” may accompany their life experiences. I also feel that this may represent a young male, either indicating that this individual died young, or this is how they choose to represent themselves to me, as in wanting to appear as they were during a happy period in their life.

  • 3 ~ a lesson they’d like to share

Regret/5 of cups

This individual expresses a lot of regret from their vantage point on the other side. This includes relationships thrown away; opportunities tossed aside; many losses experienced on a variety of levels. I feel the biggest thing that this spirit wants to share with us is not to miss out on, or lose something, that is or could be precious in our lives. Don’t take anything for granted. Don’t treat important things in your life frivolously.

  • 4 ~ something they wish they’d paid more attention to

Success/6 of wands

This spirit wishes they’d paid more attention to meeting goals, that they would have worked harder to achieve more in their life. I believe this individual became so wrapped up in other activities or relationships that they were led off a chosen path, lured away from the direction their life was meant to go. There is also the idea of being bound against one’s will from actively making decisions and implementing action during their life that would have precipitated success. He’s telling us to be vigilant, don’t be easily swayed by convincing people and shiny promises that will prove destructive and hollow.

  • 5 ~ a message from this spirit to us

The Web/major arcana #11

Spirit is apologizing for getting himself caught up in unfavorable circumstances and decisions that affected your life. He’s incredibly regretful of any pain or trauma that he may have caused during his life time to loved ones and family. This spirit realizes that there is no way to take back the experiences of his previous life and make amends to the people he touched, but he wants you to know that he is well aware of the repercussions his life had on you, and he’s sorry, so very sorry. Also, he may choose to show his presence to you in the appearance of a white dog. When you see a white dog, a white dog that grabs your attention, know that this spirit is present and making a connection with you.

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