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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

Your Daily Tarot Cards ~

I felt a real desire today to pick up a deck of tarot cards.
So I did.  I pulled and interpreted the following cards.

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  • Daily Tarot Cards ~ The Empress

Someone may be experiencing issues with fertility, or blockages when it comes to creative endeavors. You may feel that you are one in a sea of "others", whether it's because your opinion is unique and stands alone, or whether there's something about you or something you do that makes you stand out against a crowd. The cards say to hang on to your determination and resolve and do not let anyone belittle you or sway you from the stance you've chosen.

  • Daily Tarot Cards ~ 5/wands (R)

It's time to disengage from the squabble. Either the stakes are getting too high, or a point has been made and needs to be accepted, or the original reason for the discord has become nonexistent. The cards are telling me if you've reached high ground, stay there. The cost of trying to raise yourself above another fray would be too great. Also, I'm hearing, you made your point, there's no need to gloat.

  • Daily Tarot Cards ~ Queen of Pentacles

What a cool demeanor. On the outside she looks self-confident and assured, cool as a cucumber, like ice on a bitter day, as is her heart. It's an act. If you're a poker player, it's time to raise the anty. I'm also hearing, if anyone is involved in financial negotiations, consider your opponent this Queen, and play accordingly. Ice melts when heat is applied.

  • Your Daily Cards ~ 3/pentacles (R)

A three party situation has come to an end, and rather dramatically for some of you, with a spot light thrown on the whole sordid affair. The cards tell me that one individual will be left standing in the spotlight under extreme scrutiny. This feels a bit unnerving, probably because it's either out of character for a particular individual, or they're just not used to getting caught.

  • Your Daily Cards ~ Knight of Cups

This guy has the patience of a saint. He's not going anywhere. He'll wait for you as long as it takes you to get your shit together, or to make up your mind. He is forever hopeful. This card is telling me that someone is still pining for a lost love, still waiting expectantly for something that ain't gonna' happen. It's actually kind of sad, in that there is an individual who will pass up good things, keeping themselves in an unnecessary state of limbo. Love warps the mind. Time to get over it and move on. Don't play the fool.

  • Your Daily Tarot Cards ~ 10/wands

The load you're carrying now will eventually break you. There will come an opportunity to lay it down. Do that. This card is telling me that someone found themselves burdened with unexpected responsibility very quickly and with little or no warning. Don't allow it to destroy you. The idea of self-preservation comes to mind.

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