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Friday, April 8, 2022

Our Daily Cards ~ Today's Saga: The Labyrinth

The story today:

It involves a strongly built woman with blonde or light brunette hair.  She's large boned, but well proportioned, not heavy-set. She appears to be approximately 45-55 years old, give or take, sometimes it's hard to tell.  I think she's pretty, but I can't see her face, it's just a feeling.

There once was a couple, a pretty sombre conventional couple.  Their relationship was being negatively affected by an issue neither of them wanted to address directly.  Of course, this put a wedge between them, an emotional distancing, that left their connection quite cool.  We'll come back to them, one of them plays greatly in this saga.

The woman was mentally splintered and tortured by a forbidden connection, an indescribable attraction so strong that it was impossible to resist.  She found herself being pulled deeper and deeper into a labyrinth of deception and desire, both tantalized and tortured and captivated by it.

The woman soon realizes, in a surreal and distanced way, that something was happening to her, something which caused her to lose control... of her emotions, her thoughts, her body, her actions.  She felt her physical strength ebbing as she became less and less physically active or well.  She found it difficult to put the pieces of her life into proper perspective, as though her life were a puzzle and the pieces did not fit, or some were missing altogether.

There came a point in time, when the illicit passion of her lover waned, and he returned grudgingly to his mundane life and mundane wife, that the woman felt quite alone and abandoned in a landscape of life she no longer recognized.  It was at this point, caught in a very specific moment, when her will to fight and the boundaries which might have saved her faded into oblivion, that she took her own life.

*Note:  This is the first time I've attempted a reading this deep, or with mediumship connections, in a very long time.  I have used tarot cards in the past to do readings for criminal cold cases, but I have never left myself so open to the cards and their story, as I did today.  This reading was the result.

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