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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

How does a 58-year-old Witch get a job in Fremont, Nebraska?

Remember this:

It's been a while since I put that application in, and I stopped by Dollar Tree here in Fremont to do a "follow-up" on this application with this company.  I talked directly to the manager, explaining all this, standing before her out on the store floor in my little-black-business-suit-coat. 

Me:  "So, are these positions filled, or do you still have openings?"

Manager:  As she looked at me-- no, as she looked at the wall to the right of me, she responded, "I'm good."

We were standing close to the check-out lanes, which were busy at the time, and I saw with my peripheral vision at least three heads snap around to look at her in surprise.  I was thinking to myself, I must not be the only one who found her reply and/or demeanor unusual.

I cannot get a job in Fremont, Nebraska.  And I state this in all seriousness.  This has gone on so long, encompassing so many businesses, employment agencies, and individuals, that several people have told me they think something "out-of-the-ordinary" is going on.  And we're talking all kinds of jobs.  I gave up long ago on clerical jobs (I have a Business Degree).  I have tried and failed to get a call-back from even the most simple jobs (kitchen jobs, motel housekeeping), jobs with the only requirements being 1) you have to be over 18; 2) you have to speak English; 3) you have to have a high school diploma.  I've also NEVER received any job propositions from either of the employment agencies in town that I signed up with-- nothing, nada, zip.

Is there the smell of Discrimination in the air?...Religious Discrimination?  Sex Discrimination?  Age Discrimination? All three?

What is the solution?



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