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Wednesday, September 9, 2020

Natural Magick ~ What's Inside?

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Table of Contents

How does real magick work?...10

Forms of Magick...13

The Mysteries of Magickal Manifestation...19

Creating Magickal Space...26

A Checklist of Magickal Supplies…53

Charging your Magickal Tools...65

Twelve Months of Magick...72

Seven Days of Magick…104

Animal Magick...115

Magick for Love n’ Money...144

·         Love Spells...151
·         Love Potion #9
·         Rose Spell
·         Smooth Marital Turmoil
·         Hot Sex Spell
·         Makin’ Tracks

·         Love Spells for Men...157
·         Make Her Behave:  Pubic Hair Spell
·         Magickal Male Enhancement

·         Love Spells for Women...161
·         Keep Him Faithful Spell
·         Attract Your Man
·         Irresistibly Spell


·         Money Spells...169
·         Silver Coin Spell
·         Loose the Miser Spell
·         New Business Money Mojo
·         Sugar Honey Jar Spell
·         Home Money Spell
·         Pocket Money Spell

Mojo Magick...182

·         Poppets...184
·         Mojo Bags...207

Magick Oils/Potions/Powders...226

Crystal Magick...270

Candle Magick...297

Magickal Alphabets and Symbols...314

·         Runes…316
·         Witch’s Alphabet…325
·         The Pentagram…329
·         The Elements…334
·         Planets…341
·         Astrological Symbols…354

Witches’ Bottles...366        

Essential Oils…386

Kitchen Magick…392

·         Recipes...405
·         Strawberry Love Salad
·         Lady Amythyst’s Pumpkin Pie
·         Gingerbread
·         Litha Peach Cobbler
·         Full Moon Biscuits
·         Deviled Eostre Eggs
·         Lammas Loaf
·         Midsummer’s Night Tea
·         Garden Magick Soup
·         Green Man Cake
·         Beltane Bean Dish

Good Luck Charms…439

Questions and Answers...447

·         What is the difference between white and black magick?
·         Is it possible to dwell too much on a spell you’ve cast & ruin it?
·         Who can do magick?
·         What is a familiar?
·         What is neo-paganism?
·         Do All witches practice their religion the same way?
·         Who is the Wiccan Goddess?
·         When did you first know you were a witch? 

Magickal Substitutions...467

Terms and Lingo...473

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