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Thursday, September 24, 2020

23 (Very Down-to-Earth) Signs You've Found Your Soul Mate


  • 1. You enjoy doing boring things together like shopping, going to the pharmacy or filing tax returns.
  • 2. You have a better time eating out on the sofa than having dinner in a three-star restaurant.
  • 3. One of the things you like the most about him is being able to eat anything you want without worrying about what he will think.
  • 4. The moment you really fell for him was after seeing him sleep, his face relaxed with his mouth open.
  • 5. And you’re just as comfortable with the idea that he sees yours … drooling and everything.
  • 6. Obviously, you like it when you are on your 31. But you both just as much like to see yourselves in pajamas, or your favorite worn t-shirt, natural!
  • 7. You cherish his handwritten cards and little words, even more than any expensive gift he has given you.
  • 8. He reminds you of such and such a thing whenever necessary and vice versa.
  • 9. No smartphone required. You have a lot more fun with your little corner smiles after a shared private joke during a meal, or at any other moment of sharing that you are the only ones to understand.
  • 10. He excels in encouraging speeches, but nevertheless refuses to pamper you too much.
  • 11. You talk – and laugh – openly about how the body works.
  • 12. When you go to a wedding together, what you prefer is not necessarily the moment of emotion but simply the act of enjoying a quiet corner in a cozy huddle.
  • 13. You have developed your own lexicon: words and expressions invented or not but which have a special meaning for you.
  • 14. You know each other so well that you would probably answer 9 of the 10 questions we would ask him about Action or Truth.
  • 15. The sweet little words that you use in your private conversations are not so sweet… They are rather nicknames such as: “idiot” or “buddy”. And in fact, you prefer as much as it is.
  • 16. You don’t feel sick when he has the flu or is sick, because all you care about is taking care of him.
  • 17. His problems and issues are your problems and issues, and vice versa. 
  • 18. You can experience moments of silence without being embarrassed.
  • 19. In fact, relaxing together in complete silence without feeling the need to find topics for discussion is one of the things you prefer in your relationship... that and reading books.
  • 20. You would never betray yourself by watching an episode of “Criminal Minds” without the other. You’ve made a deal, the full CMs sessions are done together, and you’re both planning to stick with it!
  • 21. He buys you your favorite candies or delicacies, and when he buys you flowers, he knows they will be dried and put to good use.
  • 22. He makes you laugh in extremely serious and inappropriate situations.
  • 23. You would rather spend a zero day with him a thousand times than go to the most extraordinary meeting in the world with another.

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