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Thursday, March 25, 2021

Nine of Swords ~ Our Mental Demons


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9/Swords ~ “Oh, woe is me!”, this card seems to moan, with a very dramatic Edgar Allen Poe feel about it. But take it seriously, even though it may seem overly dramatic and even a bit childish at times, because behind this first facade there can lay the bones of serious depression, anxiety, sleep disorders, or some other cloaked and lurking mental demon. This card expresses to perfection human anguish and helplessness. Once you recognize it for what it is, the tarot will help you find the way out. Look around for that single ray of light, that ray of light that’s always there, it’s just not visible to the figure on this card because their face is buried in their hands.


Okay, you’ve crawled your way up out of the bottom of this very clique bottom of the pit, but how are you going to stay on top? If medical or psychological treatment was sought out, keep up with it and any medication that was prescribed. If the situation wasn’t quite that drastic, but was just a matter of recognizing unhealthy individuals and circumstances in life, continue to avoid them at all cost.

My Personal Connection:

This card, besides the 10 of swords, is probably one of the darkest cards in the deck. We all own a piece of this card, whether we admit it or not, whether we even admit it to ourselves or not. Inside everyone, in the blackest nooks and crannies of our mind, there lays all sorts of shadows and demons that have surfaced from time to time. I don’t believe that anyone who has lived can avoid this energy.

What I have noticed through several decades of life, is that being able to identify the demon and to figure out its weakness, it’s Achilles heel, will help you to overcome it. The mistake that a lot of people make is thinking that if they’ve overcome their darkest most personal demons, they’re victorious. The battle is over. Not so, as I’ve seen with a few unfortunate individuals who have come into my life for brief periods, that’s their down fall. They drop their guard, and IT resurfaces, to claim their soul.

This is a dark card, and it can bring to light a dark spirit, or a dark personality… beware this card, take it seriously, and be vigilante.

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