Friday, March 5, 2021

Facebook Friends Request ~ Seriously? Sorta' Spooky


*Note: Friends requests are certainly welcome! The point is, if I can't see any info on your profile, you have to fill me in before I'll add you.

Seriously... to total strangers who are putting in a friends request (not necessarily the "fake profiles") : If I can't see your info (no information At All), nothing about you except a Facebook banner and maybe a couple photos, maybe not, I will never respond to this request. 

You can see me. 

  • I need to know who you are... your location (you know where I am)

  • If there is anything in common (why are you friend requesting me)

  • Facebook already tells me if we have any friends in common, and if we do, okay, but if we don't... how did you find me? 

  • Why do you want to be friends? 

I know this is a very public Facebook page, which was originally set up primarily to sell books and witchy merchandise and services.  But over the years, it has also grown into a personal Facebook page as well, full of family and real-world friends, and a few internet friends that are dearly embraced as well.

I have stopped adding total strangers with zero information shown on their FB page.

There are almost 200 friend requests sitting in my queue right now.  Some of them look like delightful people that I will eventually add, I just haven't gotten around to going through this as a top priority right now.

And then there are The Strangers, along with some obviously Fake Profiles that will be dismissed.

If you've sent me a friend request, but your profile is set to private, or friends only, send me a message and let me know about yourself.  😏  (Uh, like are you a stalker? Serial killer? An ex? Or a partner's ex? Are you secretly anti-Witch?  Are you going to try and convert me?... stuff like that.)

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