Thursday, August 8, 2019

How To Break It Off With an Ex Who Won't Let Go...

"Because everyone needs a clean break."

This is an excellent article and sound sage advice.  Having that third party hanging over a new relationship, especially when the ex doesn't respect boundaries, is like trouble just waiting to happen.  If you need help figuring out how to disengage from a clingy ex who just doesn't get it, you'll find this article extremely helpful. 

Below are key points that are very direct and absolutely on the mark. 
You can read the complete article, with all the helpful details,

1.  Directly state that you want him/her out of your life.

2.  Do not respond to any of his/her communication.

3.  Social Sites ~ unfriend, unfollow, and consider doing the same with your ex's friends.

4.  Have his/her emails sent directly to trash.

5.  Block his/her number.

6.  Don't check on him/her.

(This article was written from a female perspective,
but it can easily apply to either sex.)

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