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Sunday, February 6, 2022

YouTubers ~ Protect Your "Unlisted" Videos from Pirating

I googled myself yesterday, not out of vanity or ego, but because there are people and websites out there who will exploit your work -- like offering "free" downloads of your books, which are not really free, they've been stolen.

Well, yesterday I was in for quite a surprise.  

At my YouTube channel there are a few videos that are "unlisted".  This is because 1) they are private tarot readings for clients; 2) they are videos created for my Paying Patrons only, which can only be seen at my website; 3) they are no longer relevant, or I just no longer want them to be public.

So, when I googled myself, I was extremely surprised to see a Patron's video pop up for all the world to view, for free, and obviously against my wishes, since I uploaded it as an unlisted video.

The website is called Unlisted Videos.  Anyone can submit anyone's unlisted videos at this website in complete anonymity, since no registration is required.  Unlisted Videos claims that if a YouTube creator is uploading a video they intend to keep unlisted, and they include this phrase in their video description (BLOCK UNLISTEDVIDEOS.COM), the video will be denied submission to their website.

I tried it.  And it worked.  They removed my video from their website.

This is just one more privcy issue out there, so be aware.

PS ~ And who is the sneak who wanted to view one of my unlisted videos?

I just started a second YouTube channel and I'm still maintaining and will be posting to my original channel.  I have over 500 videos uploaded to YouTube, and the majority of them are public and free to view.  Enjoy!

new channel

original channel

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