Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Magickal & Mundane ~ Mixing it Up

As anyone who follows this blog already knows (but I'm going to say anyway), Every Cat Has a Tale is reserved more for everyday mundane life and goings on, and my "Other Blog" is kept solely for all types of magickal posts dealing with a lot of what the general public might find unusual.  However, I was kind of surprised when I realized that I can't always cut a perfectly fine line on this.  Magickal things and unusual topics (like tarot) will slip through because that is also a very integral part of my life and who I am.

So for anyone stopping by this spot and expecting the usual fare today, here's something just a tad bit different.  If there are any readers here unfamiliar with my other blog, Magickal Connections, here ya' go.  And if there's anyone visiting today who's not into this kind of stuff, that's okay-- I'll be updating my latest very mundane Job Hunting Venture in Fremont, Nebraska, this week, just as soon as I hear back from a lady.

Every Tuesday, for several weeks now, I've been posting tarot lessons. We're working our way through the Major Arcana, and this weeks card is "DEATH", one of the most imposing cards in the deck. Pretty scary, huh. Sometimes this card of Great Transition actually heralds good things for us, but as creatures of habit, we don't always accept change gracefully. The lesson: http://wytchymystique.com/…/…/tarot-study-major-arcanadeath/

Sticky Note:

There is an ongoing tarot study class being posted every Tuesday on this blog, Magickal Connections. At this time, we’re looking at the Major Arcana . At the bottom of this week's lesson, you can click on “Tarot Study Guide” if you need to find the previous lessons and play catch up.

These lessons are being posted as they’re being written, and when I finish with the Major Arcana, there may be a short break while I review what I’ve put up and decide if there is more information that I’d like to add to the lessons already posted. Have fun!!– And LEARN TAROT


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