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Thursday, May 20, 2021

Drawing Down the Moon ~ yes, you can


Drawing Down the Moon

The energy of the moon has long been connected with the radiant energy and power of the Goddess. The witch-- the priestess-- has developed methods to harness this energy, to draw this power within herself and use it for personal growth and enlightenment.

The following ritual will allow you to re-connect with the Goddess and rediscover the magic and mystique of the feminine divine.

  • 1. To connect with moon energy, you must place yourself beneath its light, allowing your body to bathe within its silver sheen. As you do so, ground and center yourself.

  • 2. Bless yourself, saying:

“Bless my feet that walk the way of witch.
Bless my knees that kneel before the Goddess.
Bless my breasts that nurture.
and my lips that speak the truth.
Before the Goddess,
I am blessed.”

  • 3. Stand with your feet slightly parted; raise your arms to the sky, hands open and receptive. Say:

“I stand before You now, Mother of the Earth,
To draw within myself the energy of re-birth.

The magic of the moon,
The energy of goddess power,
I draw down into myself,
Upon this shining hour.”

  • 4. Stand for a few minutes where you are. You may feel physical sensations that are unique to this ritual and goddess energy, or you may feel sensations that are common during the movement of energy and the acquisition of power. Don’t be disappointed, however, if you have no physical sensations at all; not everyone is sensitive enough to pick this up. This does not mean that energy has not been moved or power acquired.

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