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Thursday, May 13, 2021

Cakes and Wine ~ May you eat the bread of life


The idea of sharing a communion with deity by partaking of food and drink is an ancient custom and practice, not defined by, nor exclusive to, the Judeo/Christian religions of today. It’s generally referred to as “cakes & wine” or “cakes & ale”. This ritual is viewed as a celebration of the union of the god-- represented by the athame, and the goddess-- represented by the chalice.

A cakes and wine ritual may be incorporated into any other ritual. It will highlight the celebration with a special connection to divinity.

Items needed:

  • 1. Wine-- or if preferred, a nonalcoholic beverage, such as grape juice
  • 2. Bread/cookies/pastry, etc. If this is made especially for the ritual, you could add a pinch of an herb connected with a particular god/goddess, or an herb associated with the type of ritual you’ll be celebrating when you have cakes & wine.
  • 3. A plate to hold the bread or pastry
  • 4. Chalice
  • 5. Athame

The basic ritual:

  • 1. The Priestess stands at the altar and acknowledges the sacredness of god and goddess, saying:

“We gather here to draw strength and magic from the god…Father Sky, the power of the sun, who sends His energy out to us, that we may project magic and manifestation.”

“We gather here to draw strength and magic from the goddess…Mother Earth, the power of the moon, who sends her energy inward to us, that we may receive magic and manifestation.”

  • 2. The Priestess will take up her athame, holding it high above the chalice of wine with both hands. While slowly lowering the tip of the blade into the chalice of wine, she will say:

“As the God finds joy and fulfillment in union with the Goddess, so shall the earth be fruitful and blessed.”

  • 3. The Priestess shall then hold the athame in her hand, touching the tip of the blade to the bread, saying:

“As the Goddess finds joy and fulfillment in union with the God, so shall the earth be fruitful and blessed.”

  • 4. All present shall share of the bread and wine, saving a small amount of each to pour out upon the earth as a libation.

The source for these rituals, my book:

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