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Friday, July 15, 2022

Your Questions: Will I have a relationship with my ex-girlfriend again this year?


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I'm going to start off first by addressing the idea of being "friends with benefits" with an ex, and this is coming, not from the cards, but from my own observations and experiences over the past 65 years.

Frankly, this doesn't work; this never works.  This is an awful idea.  You're either in a relationship together, or you are not.  Keeping one foot in and one foot out of a relationship creates a state of "limbo".  

First, I have never seen such an arrangement with an ex-romantic partner where the emotions and feelings, the memories, and the original connection can just be put aside.  It's not humanly possible for most people to lay these emotions down and focus solely on the animalistic function of sex with an ex-partner, someone we loved, and someone that we probably still have feelings for even if we don't admit it, even to ourselves.  Human beings aren't wired that way.  From an evolutionary standpoint, we're inclined to create meaningful, sentimental, and deep emotional connections that will keep us together to raise children and grandchildren -- and even when this doesn't work, or isn't realistic, we keep trying to do it anyway.

With this scenario -- "friends with benefits", one or both of the partners may have in the back of their mind that there will be a second chance, that the lost relationship can be revived, that there is the possibility of a new future together.  It's keeping hope alive, sometimes quite unrealistically.  It can be creating a fantasy that is fed with each physical connection.

This arrangement also prevents people from moving forward with their lives.  It prevents people from finding and connecting successfully with a new partner.  And if the couple are not only clinging to this old sexual relationship, but also trying to bring new partners into the mix at the same time -- whether openly, or in secret -- it opens a whole new can of worms.  Most individuals are not going to want to start a relationship with someone who is still closely tied to their ex, and especially when this still includes a physical relationship.  It's too crowded, it's an invasion of personal space.

Let's talk about "the future"...

Our future is not set in stone, it's fluid, and it keeps evolving according to choices that we make and directions that we take.  Always remember this, that whatever answer you are given with any form of divination, there is always the probability that people's decisions and deliberate changes that they make in their lives, or ideas, or plans can alter the future.  So often people seem to resign themselves to a divination outcome as being the last and final word on what's going to happen in their life.  It is not.  It only shows you a picture of how things are NOW, at this moment.

  • And now that we've got that out of the way, let's see what the cards have to say about it:

What the cards are telling me at this moment, as shown with the five of cups, which I drew as I was asking your question out loud:  

Will I have a relationship with my ex-girlfriend again this year?  

No, there does not appear to be another relationship with this ex-partner occurring during this year.

The cards drawn for this reading are amazingly similar to a general reading I did that pointed to a relationship where one party was going to be able to move on fairly easily, with an optimistic outlook for the future; and the other partner was stuck in the past, shackled to all kinds of negative emotions and thoughts.  You might want to check this reading out, just in case there is a connection, on any level, here for you.

The cards I laid for you today speak of great change and transformations coming, and some of them may come with little or no warning.  The cards also speak of an intense voyeur to all of this, perhaps a third party -- another romantic interest, a sibling, or friend who has some sort of vested interest in the outcome between you and your ex-girlfriend.

The final thought I'm pulling here, is once you get past and accept the idea of a conclusion to this connection, you may discover a renewed enthusiasm for some things in life that you have been neglecting.  Once a final decision has been made and the emotional and physical cords cut, you may also (much to your surprise) experience a feeling of freedom and lightheartedness. I don't think you realize how heavy and preoccupied the energy around you is at this time.


  1. I am really very grateful for your reading of truth, I hope that the changes are positive and we can say goodbye without doubts, blame and without hating each other, because if I feel trapped in this situation and I see no way out but you gave me great hope, really thanks again

    1. You're very welcome, best wishes for a happy future.