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Sunday, July 17, 2022

Your Questions: Will he come home to me and his kids and find peace within himself?



Before we start...

Let's talk about "the future"...

Our future is not set in stone, it's fluid, and it keeps evolving according to choices that we make and directions that we take. Always remember this, that whatever answer you are given with any form of divination, there is always the probability that people's decisions and deliberate changes that they make in their lives, or ideas, or plans can alter the future. So often people seem to resign themselves to a divination outcome as being the last and final word on what's going to happen in their life. It is not. It only shows you a picture of how things are NOW, at this moment.

  • With that said, let's see what the cards have to tell us

Your Question:

Will he come home to me and his kids and find peace within himself?

The Answer:

At this time, there is something unresolved.  This is something that needs to be taken care of before anything can proceed and everyone can move forward.   If it's not addressed and the issue fixed, nothing will change.

The King of Wands is usually all about control, but this King has apparently connected with a more fluid, gregarious, wild-side.  When this happens to someone, it usually means that not only will thier behavior and patterns abruptly change, they will be learning new things about themselves and the world around them as well.  It's a time of discovery; it's a learning experience.  And quite frankly, it has it's moments of delight and wonder.

With the idea of "limbo" that this man and yourself are caught in at the moment, there seems to be a total turn about, a different direction to dreams and goals and wishes.  I get the feeling that what someone thought they wanted might not be what they actually want anymore.  

There is the idea of someone finding balance and seeking enlightenment.  The cards are telling me that this man may be trying very hard right now to find this balance in life and enlightenment that will change his future.  It feels as though he is standing on a threshold. Sometimes this is a solo journey, and sometimes this is a journey that is taken with a kindred spirit.

Your Questions

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*Note: Please don't give me any information surrounding your question, that makes my job harder. I prefer to go into a reading with no information and let the cards tell their story.

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