Sunday, July 26, 2015

Baby Robin #2

As some of you know, several years ago we raised a baby robin from the it-shouldn't-be-alive stage to a full grown male robin who was ready to migrate in the fall (His name was "Pie".).  Well, we're the surrogate parents of a second robin this year, one that was already older than the first one was when we acquired him.  This little guy has just started his daily morning out-door adventures and has lots to learn.  He also has to do quite a bit of growing to hold his own with the large male robins in the neighborhood-- they're very territorial.  And as sweet and spring-like and gentle as the robin is portrayed, they make vicious adversaries when competing for space and mates.  They are also vicious carnivores, as anyone who's had to hand feed them can attest.

Here's our boy...gotta' love him!

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