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Thursday, June 9, 2022

The Writer's Corner ~ The Tarot and An Exercise in Story Telling


As you may have seen from my last blog post, where I let myself fall completely under tarot's spell and write down uncensored the story the cards are laying open before me, the stories tarot can tell are intriguing and there is no timeline to them, they are in essence timeless, and you can find yourself transported to different places and eras in history.

I got to thinking, and I've thought about this before, wouldn't it be interesting to use the tarot to write stories, or to write a book.  And in essence, I have to wonder, who's story would it be?  I am of the belief that the information coming through the tarot cards are actually messages from Spirit, and can be messages from the deceased as well.  So, really, who's story would it be -- the writer's story, or Spirit's?  I would be most interested to hear opinions and theories.

I'm going to conduct an experimental writing exercise today, pulling three cards, and let's see what story they will tell us, where it will take us, what connections we'll make.  The most intriguing thing to me about using the cards in this manner, is that I most likely will not be writing this story on my own.

  • 5/pentacles; Page/cups; 6/pentacles

The cards are once more transporting us back to an earlier time, it feels like a "tween-time", with so many changes, some that feel very modern and altering to the world we've always known... the 1920s, coming off the 19-teens.  Life is so changed after the war ended.  It seemed to release something wild and free and daring and sometimes slightly naughty.  It was as though conventionality had died in the trenches, lost in the battle fields of Europe, in the dirt and the mud and the blood.

But there's still tentacles of the old world, the old ways, trying in vain to hang onto propriety and tradition and morals. The reality of this comes in scathing glances of disfavor, critical words, whispered gossip, legalities of men, and it all leads to the more sensitive of us lingering around the edges, holding our secret revolutions in hushed tones, behind closed doors.

And this story begins, the story of a girl bound by her prim and proper life, her prim and proper beginning, her pristine and polished world, awash with a desire to find herself, to express herself, to break free from the constraints of expectations.  She conducts her daily life mostly in silence, except when propriety dictates otherwise.  Her thoughts, desires, dreams, fears, and deepest thoughts are contained within her slender frame and delicate countenance. 

But change is on the horizon, beckoning to her in the form of a delicate soul, a gentle spirit who was living much as she was, in the shadows, keeping quietly to their inner world of pure thought, filled with infinite unspoken possibilities.

What did it take to connect these kindred spirits?  A chance meeting?  The haphazard frivolous throw of the dice?  The deliberate and painstaking course of synchronicity?

In due course, the connection was made, tentatively and cautiously at first, until there was a recognition of the quiet souls, and they realized what was happening, felt the connection, and gradually grew bolder with this knowledge that they were no longer alone, no longer one, but now two.

The transition to a new life was gradual, the stepping stones sometimes small and quaking, the future pocked with the remnants of an old world and old rules.  But there were cracks within this earthly world, allowing brilliant rays of light, illumination, and realization to burst through in sporadic frenzy.  It would still be a long way for the world to travel to a place of true enlightenment.  But this couple was together, and  they would build upon the life they could achieve at this point in time, and they would continue quietly leaving their soul tracks over the course of eternity.


Wow.  I can feel her, the heroine of this story, the story-teller of the cards.  It's very subtle, and she feels very prim, still bound in the habit of propriety and a genteel nature left over from the time in which she lived.  She's also a lesbian, and the gentle soul, the kindred spirit, that she connected with is a woman, which I found interesting, because I'm heterosexual, so it was a window of rare opportunity for me.  I was rather surprised that I really got nothing from this other character, her partner, though the energy felt similar to the heroine of this story, gentle and quiet.

There is so much more that I "see", "hear", "smell", "feel" that can't all be transposed into written words, or vocal narration, always with the cards, it's been this way.  And I can't begin to emphasize enough how much more I experience than what I'm able to convey to you.  When I finish a "reading" like this, I always feel as though I've actually been there, really been there.  It's weird, but very cool.

The following is a photo of today's cards:

This is my "scratchings" that I sometimes do right after I lay the cards, in order to make a connection, to see where the story begins, to meet the characters:

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