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Monday, January 27, 2020

Rituals: Releasing an Ex (or beating them off with a stick)

I am in the throws of writing very difficult rituals for THE BOOK today, and the most difficult one deals with a ritual to "Release an Old Friend or Lover".   While I'm entrenched with the creation of a spiritually uplifting ritual to help you regain your freedom and your sense of sanity while coming out of, or off, a relationship, I found this snippet of mundane advice to pass along, with a few brief words of personal wisdom gained through experience. 

DO NOT allow an ex, EITHER YOURS OR YOUR PARTNER'S, to intrude in your life and disrupt your space and your brand new beautiful burgeoning relationship. Kick 'em in the teeth and throw them to the side of the road, sez I. It's brutal, but necessary to sanity and survival. (In reality, this involves not so much kicking and throwing as it does blocking and deleting).  Believe it or not, there are ex's out there who don't give a rats ass if their constant intrusive demand for attention from their former spouse interferes with a new relationship. 

Here's a tip from the experts...

1. You two are not friends, so stop trying to be:

I know some argue it’s possible to stay friends with an ex. You can’t.

There is quite the difference between remaining friendly and remaining friends.  Remaining friendly with an ex is when you two run into each other and the meeting is civil.

It’s possible to end a relationship on mutual terms and not be bitter.

However, it’s impossible to move forward with your life if you willingly remind yourself of your ex.

When a relationship ends, the friendship ends as well.

The friendship was in jeopardy the moment you two decided to date.

When you still go out with, call, or even follow your ex on social media, you’re forcing yourself to have his or her memory in your emotional rotation.

In doing so, you are shutting the door on the new person who is truly right for you.

You can’t want a happy ending with a fabulous new partner while force-feeding yourself the memory of your ex.

That's not how this shit works.

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